Sunday, 10 July 2011

The First Week

I've had my first week of full-time employment and am rapidly nearing the end of my first proper weekend. So much has happened and it feels like it's all passed me by in the blink of an eye.

My first day at the new job last Monday began as only a first day could in my world. The company that I am employed by take up the third floor of the building, with other companies inhabiting the other floors. I walked into reception on Monday and alerted the receptionist of my arrival. She phoned up to the company and I sat down to wait. About ten minutes later a man walked into the room, looked in my direction and asked 'James?'. Last time I checked, my name was James, so I answered that I was and off we went into the lift and up to the fourth floor... Those of you paying attention may have noticed a fatal error there already. Up we went and I was soon introduced to my colleagues, one of which was stripped down to his boxers after having run or cycled in. They were all dreadfully posh, but friendly enough as they all welcomed me and shook my hand; Mr Boxers included. I was then taken to a meeting room and made a cup of coffee just the way I like it, and I sat down at a table.
'Of course your father is very instrumental in what we do here' began the man.
'I'm sorry, can you repeat that?' I replied.
'I said that your father, he plays a pretty big role in what we do here.' said the man.
'How do you know my Dad?' I asked back, a look of sheer perplexion spread across my face.
'James (insert some other guy's surname here)?' the man then asked, looking somewhat confused himself.
'No, James Cooke.' I answered, the realisation dawning on me.
I was soon whisked out of there and taken back down to reception where the real James was found and turned out to be some sixteen year old school kid. Thankfully I hadn't been summoned yet, and when I was called up with my new colleague Yohanna who was also starting that day, the nerves had completely faded away as I'd already been introduced to one new office.

I'm happy to report that my actual new colleagues are a very friendly bunch, and I'm happy to work in the office with them for the majority of the week. The posh lot upstairs weren't bad either, and I have since bumped into one of them in the lift; we shared a laugh over what happened and he asked whether I was enjoying my proper job.

Many people keep asking me whether the commute bothers me, but the truth is that it doesn't at all. I've read nearly the whole of Dan Brown's Digital Fortress on my travels this week, and haven't even noticed the journey whip by. The thing that has had an effect is the sheer length of the days, as after a full day at work, coupled with the commute, I'm looking at a twelve hour day. It feels like my whole week is work. Luckily, I don't seem to have been too badly effected. I seem to hit a bit of a wall at about twenty past three each day (I used to frequently have a half hour lie-down at around this time), and on Tuesday I was particularly dead-to-the-world; but since then I've rebounded and by Friday I was feeling completely used to it all! Probably the highlight of the week had to be on Day 1, when the team on my desk were all treated to a paid-for lunch to get to know the newbies at a nearby Italian restaurant. Oh, and it turns out that I don't need to take the tube, as the office is in walking distance of Charing Cross, which is good news as it'll save me £60 each month.

Friday came, and I finally got to feel what all other working guys and gals feel on the last day of the working week. We get to go home an hour early on Friday's so long as we've hit certain targets which was a pleasant surprise, and the weekend kicked of flavourably with an Indian meal, courtesy of Peter. Then yesterday, Stacey and I went to view some flats, as the time to move out is drawing closer, and we then spent the remainder of the day meeting some relatives that I had never met before. My second cousin was at one time Mr. UK, which I guess sums up where in the hell my good looks come from! To round out the week, I've just been out for a Sunday lunch with Stacey and some friends. This was followed up by a visit to the park, and Becky and me rode on the miniature railway, reliving our childhoods in the process. And that brings me to right here, right now. I'm back to work for another full week in the morning.... When did I turn into a proper adult?

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