Sunday, 3 July 2011

Season Finale

This is it. Here I sit about to embark on a new career and my proper adult life. Tomorrow I shall be rising early (by my standards) and commuting into the city for the first day of my new full-time job in recruitment. I think and I hope that I'm all set, all that's left is to sleep before the big day.

Papa's Got a Brand New (Man) Bag

Since discovering that I'd got the job a week and a half ago, I've been spending money so that I can go on to make some money. First up was a shopping trip which Stacey jumped at the chance to go on to buy a brand spanking new suit One suit just wouldn't suffice, and I went for a grey suit to contrast my black, pin-striped number. I've also stocked up on shirts and ties, so that I'll have at least one outfit for each of the days of the week. And don't you worry fashion gurus, I do plan to purchase more once I get some dosh rolling in. Once my attire was sorted, I thought about getting a briefcase. My Dad used to have a briefcase when he commuted, so why shouldn't I? Well, apparently briefcases are rather hard to come by these days. Instead I had to adjust my mission objectives and seek out a man-bag. I think I found a pretty good one for a nice enough price, and it should hopefully match my suits.
The final purchase for now came in the form of travel expenses. I needed a train ticket to get into town each day, and I soon found that it ain't cheap as chips! No, I've forked out near enough £400 for a month's worth of journeys. Thankfully it should all be worth it. With my shopping done, I feel I'm now as ready as I'll ever be to start my big-boy job, even if all this retail preparation did remind me of shopping during the 'back to school' days.

So long, farewell...

With a brand new full-time position about to be taken by myself, the end of my illustrious retail career has come and gone. I made sure to work one last time with each of my Blockbuster brethren before walking off into the sunset, and I finished up with one last Friday night shift. Aside from making my manager get all emotion at the prospect of my departure (I have that affect, it's both a gift and a curse), it was a rather unevenetful shift that went by nice and smoothly with Nick and John. I made the two of them take me out for drinks afterwards, and we were joined by Stacey and Tom, and wound out the night by reminiscing about our retail pasts in Blockbuster and Woolworths. We told tales such as the time at Woolies in which me and Tom managed to somehow spend a whole afternoon sitting on the stairs conversing, and the time in the esteemed 'pillow room' when a certain member of management didn't spot us perched up high on a mountain of pillows and duvets skiving off. No wonder that place went down.... Although I still think it has more to do with the fact that I left there and defected to Blockbusters, which gives my now-former employer about two months until administration... I'm joking of course, or at least I hope so for the sakes of all of my good friends that work there, and for the fact that I don't want to be some bringer of bad curses to companies that I work for. Blockbuster Broskis, I'm gonna miss you all, and promise to visit and meet up with you all as often as possible.
What a Soppy Git!

 With the end of one era, and the beginning of another, things really feel like they're wrapping up! So many of my friends seem to be moving on in their lives in one way or another at the moment. Whether it's getting a fantastic score in their degree like my Good friend Nat, or qualifying as a teacher like the Frustrated Creative himself Mr. Pete Town. But arguably no one has taken as big a leap as have Sarah and Mike who yesterday joined together in Holy Matrimony.

That's right, Wills and Kate can step aside, there's a new hot married couple on town. Michael and Sarah, now both known as Mr and Mrs Michael Fenner tied the knot in a nice ceremony in the church that Sarah's parents had gotten hitched inside. The event brought many to tears including the groom, who had never looked happier than when he saw his bride walk down that aisle! We later enjoyed a very pleasant meal under the watchful eye of a rather confident, and at times intimidating (in a good way) toast master. The speeches were all very well spoken, including Mr Fenner's rather soppy one. He admitted to us before the evening's festivities that he was maybe being a little soppy, at which point I warned him of the subtitle above. The bride looked absolutely beautiful in a long flowy dress that I unfortunately cannot describe any further due to my lack of fashion knowledge. I can however add that it was white... which I guess you'd expect.

The evening do was tremendous fun, and the alcohol seemed to flow. Stacey was particularly trolleyed, and everyone had an absolute ball. Everything about the night (and day for that matter) clicked well, and nobody had a bad, or even an OK time. Everyone loved it, and Mike and Sarah should be completely happy with their perfect day! Congratulations guys!

The End...

That's all I have time for now, as I really need to start getting ready for bed ahead of the big first day tomorrow! I'm excited and a tad nervous. If you're looking for a little more reading material, then I'll point you in the direction of Jon Budworth, who for my birthday last year began writing my fictional life story here. Why am I bringing this up? Because he wrote Part 2 for my birthday this year here! Enjoy!

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