Sunday, 28 October 2012


The twenty-seventh of October is always a special date in my calendar. It's our anniversary. And yesterday, we reached seven. Five years ago on this weekend, the twenty-seventh fell on a Saturday as it did this year. I remember the 2007 version fondly as rather than celebrate privately, we had a big Woolworths party to celebrate the store doing so well at them time - if only we'd known then what Woolies was in for just a year later! That party is still something I think back on regularly as the whole weekend was pretty epic. Not only were Stacey and I celebrating two years of togetherness by staying at a swanky hotel, but we got to be a part of a kick-as party with some of our greatest friends. Then the following day, I got to go to the first in the NFL's International Series at Wembley, where I saw my team - The New York GIANTS - defeat my Dad's team, the Dolphins.

Fast forward half a decade and two leap years and the twenty seventh has fallen on a Saturday again. I'll rewind to Friday first of all though as I thoroughly enjoyed my last day of the working week. It was Germany Day or something along those lines at work. For those of you wondering it basically meant that we got beer and pretzels and Kinder chocolate while we worked. Oh, and silly/awesome hats! As good as work was, it was still work and I had a couple of reasons to look forward to my Friday night, the first of which was four years in the making...

Bond is back (in case you hadn't heard)! Stacey and I had the tickets booked a month ago to go and see the new film on opening night and following all of the hype and four whole years of waiting, it effing delivered, bigtime. In fact it was so good that the other film that came out this year that had been four years in the making - The Avengers - has been knocked off of its spot of my film of the year. I won't give anything away, but after a disappointing Quantum of Solace in '08, studio finance problems and a long wait, Skyfall proved worth the wait. I won't give anything away, I'll just suggest that everyone go an see it in the cinema!

After the film, we headed into town join a night-out-in-progress as our chum, my brother from another mother (and father) was celebrating his birthday. We had a couple of drinks on what was a cold, late night; the highlight being running into my very drunken colleague Aaron (who remember, would have been drinking all day due to Germany day) who did his wasted best to hit on our friend Sarah.

Saturday was the big one though. Five years on from the Woolies party and Stacey and I spent our anniversary at another party; this one being for my Dad's fiftieth birthday. The party was a surprise that my Mum had been planning for a while. It was a surprise party that wasn't exactly handled in the traditional jump out and shout 'Surprise!' kind of way. Instead, Mum told Dad that just four of their friends were coming over for a couple of drinks. Then, others would just pop by  to drop off cards, etc. until a party broke out. My Dad had a great time and hadn't suspected a thing, not even before anyone got there when Mum was clearly putting out way too much food and drink for just six people! It was a great idea that actually worked, despite being a little backwards.

Needless to say today was the fallout - or rather the clear-up. I did my part by getting little sis out of the way. I then returned to the parents' house to watch this year's NFL Wembley game. I love a bit of American football and the only thing that could have made the weekend any better than it was was if I'd been at Wembley to boo the Patriots in person! I'm happy with the news that there will be two games in London next year though as the NFL continue their path to eventually have a team in London.

That'll do it for me as it's getting on a bit and being Sunday night, it's a school-night - unless you actually work at a school in which case, think of me while you're off for half term!

Happy Anniversary, Stacey.