Saturday, 11 February 2012


GIANTS WIN! Just as they did four years ago, New York's Blue team pulled of the upset once again over the New England Patriots. And they won the game with one of the most memorable touchdowns of all time...

With over a minute left on the clock and a touchdown pretty much inevitable for the Giants, they were attempting to stall to give New England less of a chance to get the ball back up field to take back the lead. What we wound up with was that hilarious moment as Bradshaw basically fell over into the endzone. At 2:30am here in England, I thought I was hallucinating. After the greatest touchdown of all time was scored, the Patriots took back possession and with just a few seconds left of play were mid-field. Just as in 2008 when these two teams met in the Superbowl, it all came down to the last play as with two seconds left, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady threw an almighty hail mary straight into the endzone and into the middle of a cluster of Patriots and Giants all vying to win game as time ran out. When the smoke cleared and all was said and done, it was the Giants that stood tall yet again, leaving the winning touchdown to be the one above.

Does this mean that we can stop calling the Giants underdogs now?

I actually managed to watch most of it live from the comfort of my own bed! I watched the first hour and at about midnight allowed myself to drift of for a bit. I then came to to find the Patriots were suddenly in the lead. Damn! After watching another half and hour, back to sleep I went only to be woken up during... the middle of Madonna's half time show. For all the people that slated it, I thought she did a good job of entertaining the biggest global audience of the year. It certainly looked spectacular on TV; I can only imagine what it would've been like live.

I then saw the opening minutes of the third quarter before fading off once again. When I awoke for the final time, there were ten minutes left on the clock, and with the score tight, I watched the next dramatic half an hour unfold until the game ended and Giants lifted the trophy at approximately 03:00am GMT.

Surprisingly I wasn't too tired during work on Monday. In fact I was likely still on a high from the Giants victory. It was at about four that afternoon that I started repeatedly yawning and that evening I more or less fell into a slump. It was worth it though!

'Look, look! I'm on TV'

Just before the Superbowl, the first of the two episodes of TNA Impact I saw taped at Wembley aired, and in a few instances you can clearly see me and the other guys. Stacey had gone to bed to read some naff women's novel while I watched it, but she was dragged back up every ten minutes or so to come and see whenever I could seem myself on TV! More of the same this Sunday at 9pm folks! A star has been born...

It's a deal!

I also had a major win of my own this week as I finally scored my first deal working for my new company. It was a great feeling to finally make my mark on the board. And to cap things off, at 5:30 that afternoon, when everyone in the office was off their phones, my boss brought out some champagne to celebrate! He handed me one bottle to take home and cracked open a second bottle and poured out a cup for everyone and a round of applause was given. It was great! I was then told that everyone keeps the cork from their first deal for good luck. Mine's up in the living room right now as I type. Not only that, but I felt like I made some major progress this week in regards to the client account I've been given to manage. Here's hoping I can build upon it and become a success!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Running Wild

It's been a big few of weekends in terms of my favourite American Sports. My New York Giants defeated the San Fransisco 49ers two weeks ago to become NFC Champions and will compete this  Sunday in the Superbowl against the Manchester United of American Football; The New England Patriots. This match will be a repeat of the Superbowl that featured these two teams four years ago in what was my favourite NFL game of all time. It was a really back and forth match that saw both NY and Pats stealing the lead even throughout the final minutes. When all was said and done back in 2008, it was the underdogs, my team known often as Big Blue defeating the Patriots in a real upset (New England had been undefeated all that season right up until the Superbowl). Will history repeat itself? I hope so; and I also hope to be able to stay awake as late as possible on a work-night to watch the drama unfold live.

I'd also like to note that the Giants (and Patriots for that matter) seem to always make it to the Superbowl in the seasons that I attend the International game at Wembley... looks like I need to get tickets to the Patriots/Rams game this October then. Who's coming with me?


Last weekend was a big one wrestling-wise, as Team Blockbuster (Sam, Andy, Nick and myself) trekked on up to London and tubed it over to Wembley for the first television taping of TNA's Impact outside of North America. Due to TNA still being a relatively young company, and there being plenty of hype surrounding the occasion, it wound up selling so many tickets that it became the biggest event in their history to date in regards to attendance.
Holding some super-special tickets that allowed us into the arena early to meet some of the wrestling men and women, it would be an understatement to merely describe it as an exciting day. We were expecting to meet some of the lower-card wrestlers and were quite content with it. We were let into the warmth of the building and guided the backstage section of the arena. We were near the front of the queue and the excitement built higher as the wrestlers started assembling themselves behind a table at the far end of the room, including Olympic Gold Medallist and childhood favourite of mine Kurt Angle. The owner of TNA, Dixie Carter was wandering around the room greeting the fans and kindly posed for a photo with me and Nick. The ring announcers were also walking around and Andy managed to pose for a quick photo with his arm around former Playboy covergirl Christy Hemme.

Walking along the front of the table, we got to shake hands with each of the wrestlers, all of them signing my Beer Money cap. I had a quick chat with Kurt Angle about his current bid to make the 2012 Olympic wrestling team for the USA, and was left rather speechless as I believe most were by the women who were even more striking in person. Some were friendlier than others, with Christopher Daniels extending his hand first to thank us for coming and to hope that we enjoyed the show.

We were then told that Hulk Hogan was on his way and that as we'd already been through and met the wrestlers, we could wait inside from the cold to meet him when he got there. After a brief wait, the Hulkster walked in - 24 inch pythons in tow - to a huge cheer from the room. He was set up at a table and we were told that we could take a picture of him, but not with him and that he's sign one autograph per person. This was the staff at Wembley arena imposing these rules though as Hulk actually seemed to want to talk to us fans. Reaching the front of the queue, I went to shake his giant hands in the normal fashion. He however went in for one of those hip, trendy handshakes where you point your hands more upwards and grip with your thumbs. We fumbled completely and eventually shook hands awkwardly. 
'We messed that up a little didn't we?' I said.
'Sure did, Brother!' replied Hogan.

Nick then very excitedly met his childhood hero while I defied the security personnel at the arena and took a sneaky photo:

Nick meets the Hulkster... BROTHER!

Andy then stepped up, followed by Sam, who approached the table wearing his giant foam finger that we'd all been given out and cheekily asked Hulk Hogan to pull his finger. 

Our view from ringside

After the meet 'n' greet we all stepped back out into the cold, stopping for a quick McDonald's before heading back into Wembley Arena for Bell time. Sat in the 7th row, we had an awesome view... except for the parts when people in front felt compelled to stand up, which due to the raucous atmosphere was often. TNA filmed two weeks worth of their show Impact for us, and gave us some outstanding matches. The show of course featured the grand return of Hulk Hogan who entered the arena to a deafening ovation. We were also witness to the last ever match of Sting (not the singer, but the Stinger) in the UK. The atmosphere was electric all night and I can safely say it was one of the best shows I've ever attended. At the time of writing the first of the two episodes that they filmed will be on tomorrow night on Challenge at 9pm (just before the Superbowl). Try and spot me with my big yellow foam finger!

Bring on January 2013....