Saturday, 11 February 2012


GIANTS WIN! Just as they did four years ago, New York's Blue team pulled of the upset once again over the New England Patriots. And they won the game with one of the most memorable touchdowns of all time...

With over a minute left on the clock and a touchdown pretty much inevitable for the Giants, they were attempting to stall to give New England less of a chance to get the ball back up field to take back the lead. What we wound up with was that hilarious moment as Bradshaw basically fell over into the endzone. At 2:30am here in England, I thought I was hallucinating. After the greatest touchdown of all time was scored, the Patriots took back possession and with just a few seconds left of play were mid-field. Just as in 2008 when these two teams met in the Superbowl, it all came down to the last play as with two seconds left, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady threw an almighty hail mary straight into the endzone and into the middle of a cluster of Patriots and Giants all vying to win game as time ran out. When the smoke cleared and all was said and done, it was the Giants that stood tall yet again, leaving the winning touchdown to be the one above.

Does this mean that we can stop calling the Giants underdogs now?

I actually managed to watch most of it live from the comfort of my own bed! I watched the first hour and at about midnight allowed myself to drift of for a bit. I then came to to find the Patriots were suddenly in the lead. Damn! After watching another half and hour, back to sleep I went only to be woken up during... the middle of Madonna's half time show. For all the people that slated it, I thought she did a good job of entertaining the biggest global audience of the year. It certainly looked spectacular on TV; I can only imagine what it would've been like live.

I then saw the opening minutes of the third quarter before fading off once again. When I awoke for the final time, there were ten minutes left on the clock, and with the score tight, I watched the next dramatic half an hour unfold until the game ended and Giants lifted the trophy at approximately 03:00am GMT.

Surprisingly I wasn't too tired during work on Monday. In fact I was likely still on a high from the Giants victory. It was at about four that afternoon that I started repeatedly yawning and that evening I more or less fell into a slump. It was worth it though!

'Look, look! I'm on TV'

Just before the Superbowl, the first of the two episodes of TNA Impact I saw taped at Wembley aired, and in a few instances you can clearly see me and the other guys. Stacey had gone to bed to read some naff women's novel while I watched it, but she was dragged back up every ten minutes or so to come and see whenever I could seem myself on TV! More of the same this Sunday at 9pm folks! A star has been born...

It's a deal!

I also had a major win of my own this week as I finally scored my first deal working for my new company. It was a great feeling to finally make my mark on the board. And to cap things off, at 5:30 that afternoon, when everyone in the office was off their phones, my boss brought out some champagne to celebrate! He handed me one bottle to take home and cracked open a second bottle and poured out a cup for everyone and a round of applause was given. It was great! I was then told that everyone keeps the cork from their first deal for good luck. Mine's up in the living room right now as I type. Not only that, but I felt like I made some major progress this week in regards to the client account I've been given to manage. Here's hoping I can build upon it and become a success!

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