Sunday, 1 April 2012

8 Mile (Multiplied by 5)

Three weeks. The amount of time I had to prepare was just three weeks for the biggest endurance challenge of my life so far. In fairness I didn't even really prepare. I spent one Saturday morning cycling laps of the park, and another Saturday mountain biking - not exactly intense training for a 40 mile bike ride for charity.

I made it though, even if my bum is a little sore. I was up early yesterday morning and my Dad picked me and my Mountain bike up and dropped me off at the Hospice from which the cycling marathon was to both start and finish. It was also the Hospice for which the challenge was in aid of raising money for. Three of my colleagues also participated, although I didn't see them again too long after starting as on their road bikes, they were much quicker. The fact that I'm somewhat out of shape can't have too much to do with it.. surely?

There were some pretty steep hills to climb, and by pretty I mean very! Towards the end as I was flagging and starting to feel the effects, I was going so slowly up these hills that it would've been quicker to walk. I did make it though and when I got back to the Hospice, my parents, my sister and Stacey were all there to greet me. I got a certificate given too me (well, a piece of paper claiming to be a certificate) and couldn't wait to just get home. I made the people around me proud and raised some money for a good cause - not a bad way to spend four and half hours of my Saturday. 'I feel like death' I thought to myself at the end, but then I remembered where I was and why I had done it. I felt tired and a little worn out at worst.

The Infection

I also completed this massive challenge while kind of ill. I felt very flu-like all day Thursday with symptoms such as feeling very cold and shivery. Although those symptoms disappeared at some point while I was sleeping on Thursday night, one other rather painful symptom has most unfortunately remained. I won't go in to grim details, but I'm now taking antibiotics and don't think spending so long perched on a bicycle seat could have helped matters...

After what had to have been my earliest Saturday night in years, I awoke feeling as good as new this morning with only a little cheek-ache when I first sit down. That pain has almost completely gone too! 
We went off to Bluewater to do a bit of window-shopping and to see a movie and eat a meal while there. Many of our friends lately have been going on about The Hunger Games which seems to be on the verge of becoming the next big thing in fiction following on from the likes of Potter, Twilight, and The Millennium trilogy. The film was long, but didn't seem it. The story was essentially The Condemned with children in the future, but still very thought provoking. I still wouldn't be surprised to see this kind of reality show in the future. The books have now also been purchased and even though I just watched the film this afternoon, I've already delved straight into the first fifty pages of the first book. So far, I recommend it. 

Anyways, I just felt like writing a few things down here and can't think of anything else interesting enough to jot down here... I'll leave it here for now. Here's to Wrestlemania which is tonight - and which I rather irritatingly have to wait until tomorrow night to watch - and to a much needed four day weekend coming up!

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