Sunday, 21 February 2010

On the rise

'Life is a rollercoaster ride' - A cheesy expression, but one that also rings true. I find myself heading up on my rollercoaster once again and hope to never have another fall. Unfortunately falls are an essential part of life, although they do make the rises seem so much sweeter!

I am back to where I am meant to be, with she that I am meant to be with. Since my last blogging session last week, I have had myself a belated Valentine's evening (which is a good idea by the way as flowers are much cheaper after the actual day) on Tuesday and won over the heart of Stacey once more! This time will surely be for keeps!

This was the same evening that we had ourselves a little 'Woolies reunion' in what became the first ever 'WooliesBowl'. I had spent much of the earlier parts of Tuesday bragging about how I was going to win the event... I then proceeded to lose to just about everybody there, much to my distain and the pleasure of everybody else! It was a fun evening in which I got to see many old friends, some now married, and some soon to be married... this makes me feel old at the age of twenty! Following the bowling, I had my second unhealthy meal of the night (having had a chinese meal with Stacey prior), as Jon mentioned getting a kebab. It was only after we had stopped off for the kebabs that he decided to inform us that he was indeed joking.

The rest of the week has been pretty much smooth sailing. We got to spend an evening with some good friends on Friday night and today, Stacey and I went to visit the Michael Jackson exhibition at the O2 Arena. I was never the biggest MJ fan, although I do confess to enjoying much of his music, but I was blown away by some of what I saw. Many of Michael's awards were on show, as were costumes, artefacts from his very own home, the entrance to his home and his car. This was all topped off by props and set designs for what was to be used for the concerts that Jackson never got to play at the O2 Arena, a concert that I had a ticket for myself and never got to see. Having seen this and the film 'This is it', put together from his rehersal footage, I feel that we missed out bigtime by not getting to see what would have been an absolutely amazing show!

Alas, I will be seeing 30 Seconds to Mars this Tuesday (not sure that I mentioned that yet... did I Jon?). From what I've heard, they should put on a hell of a show themselves. Really can not wait!

That is all for now people... take care and blog you soon!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Only the beginning...

We're mid February already! Valentine's day to be exact, and this is not how a few short weeks ago I would have predicted spending it. For the first time in half a decade I went to a Crystal Palace home game at Selhurst Park. Palace drew with Aston Villa in an FA Cup tie that was a very entertaining back and forth contest.

This year has certainly been unpredictable so far. A bumpy road filled with many ups and downs. One 'up' in the road has come for two old friends, Sarah and Mike, who have today become engaged. I wish them the complete best and am sure that they will be very happy together. Their journey is only just beginning!

This year is also only just beginning and I'm looking to make sure that as many of the bumps to come along my road are ups and not downs. I'm still really looking forward to what this year has to bring, including getting to see the brilliant 30 Seconds to Mars next week and the mighty Fozzy in May.

I also have a good feeling about the next few days...

2010, you have taken a fair few hits at me so far. THIS IS WAR!

I'll leave you all for now with this song from 30 Seconds to Mars. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Where am I going to?

The lyrics from Fozzy's 'The Test' ring through my mind right now. Lead singer Singer Chris Jericho asks 'Where am I going to?'. This is a question that I've had to ask myself many times over the last couple of years over several different issues. Issues such as 'what to do when I leave school?', 'should I leave Woolworths?' (that was a great move in the end), and 'should I leave my university course?'. I just never thought I'd be asking myself this question in my personal life.

After asking the question, Rich Ward on backing vocals sings that 'The time is right to make a change'. Now in the examples of times previously where I have wondered about the direction in which I should head, I have made a change that has changed my entire life. This time however, I'm not at all sure that this is a good idea! The same band, the brilliant Fozzy have just released their new album. On the new album is a track entitled 'Watch Me Shine'. Jericho sings with great emotion during this track 'I don't want to live without her... even though sometimes I've lost my mind'. This pretty much sums me up at the moment! I feel down and out. I feel torn up and ripped to shreds. I'm just not sure which road to turn down so as to avoid getting hurt worse.

Given time I hope to get my head clear. The worst part is just how quickly it becomes public knowledge. Although in a way it has also helped in that it has enabled me to realise that this is real and not some bad dream from which I need to awaken from.

On another note, I will soon post a new blog looking back on the month of January.
For those of you that care to listen to the songs in question, click the links below:

Fozzy - Watch Me Shine

Fozzy - The Test

Sorry to be depressing. Hopefully soon I'll be back to my old self soon either way!