Sunday, 21 February 2010

On the rise

'Life is a rollercoaster ride' - A cheesy expression, but one that also rings true. I find myself heading up on my rollercoaster once again and hope to never have another fall. Unfortunately falls are an essential part of life, although they do make the rises seem so much sweeter!

I am back to where I am meant to be, with she that I am meant to be with. Since my last blogging session last week, I have had myself a belated Valentine's evening (which is a good idea by the way as flowers are much cheaper after the actual day) on Tuesday and won over the heart of Stacey once more! This time will surely be for keeps!

This was the same evening that we had ourselves a little 'Woolies reunion' in what became the first ever 'WooliesBowl'. I had spent much of the earlier parts of Tuesday bragging about how I was going to win the event... I then proceeded to lose to just about everybody there, much to my distain and the pleasure of everybody else! It was a fun evening in which I got to see many old friends, some now married, and some soon to be married... this makes me feel old at the age of twenty! Following the bowling, I had my second unhealthy meal of the night (having had a chinese meal with Stacey prior), as Jon mentioned getting a kebab. It was only after we had stopped off for the kebabs that he decided to inform us that he was indeed joking.

The rest of the week has been pretty much smooth sailing. We got to spend an evening with some good friends on Friday night and today, Stacey and I went to visit the Michael Jackson exhibition at the O2 Arena. I was never the biggest MJ fan, although I do confess to enjoying much of his music, but I was blown away by some of what I saw. Many of Michael's awards were on show, as were costumes, artefacts from his very own home, the entrance to his home and his car. This was all topped off by props and set designs for what was to be used for the concerts that Jackson never got to play at the O2 Arena, a concert that I had a ticket for myself and never got to see. Having seen this and the film 'This is it', put together from his rehersal footage, I feel that we missed out bigtime by not getting to see what would have been an absolutely amazing show!

Alas, I will be seeing 30 Seconds to Mars this Tuesday (not sure that I mentioned that yet... did I Jon?). From what I've heard, they should put on a hell of a show themselves. Really can not wait!

That is all for now people... take care and blog you soon!

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