Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mega exciting times!

I began this blog with the idea being to update it maybe once a month. But, the last week has had such an impact on my life as I see it, that a blog was called for!

First of all I would like to take this time to mention the girl that constantly tugs on my heartstrings. Stacey. The girl took the time to read my first blog, (which I wrote while I was in the same room as her while she was asleep) and was rightfully upset that she was not mentioned in it at all! I was thinking long and hard during that blog about things that had past me by in the last decade, and seemingly tuned out the snoring woman by searching the depths of my mind for all the other crap! I hope this makes that up to you Stacey... You surely know how I feel about you now I hope, after 4 whole years!

Stacey and I had a great chat a few nights ago, leaving our relationship feeling somehow renewed again! This sort of thing seems to happen every year or two, but helps us to grow stronger, which is probably how we've stayed so strong all these years.

We have also got a lot now planned for this year too! Added to the list mentioned in the previous blog, we are now going to see Muse play live at Wembley Stadium in September and are planning to spend a week in Spain during the (hopefully hot) summer.

In other news, my little sister is now a 7 year old with an ipod (toys apparently aren't cool anymore). She had her birthday shindig yesterday which involved trying to make a group of 6 and 7 year old girls bowl faster so that we could make the meal on time. After rushing to the restaurant 10 minutes late, we find that they weren't ready for us yet anyway! I caused one girl to get upset because I told her that she couldn't have the colour of bowling ball that she wanted and also found that my cousin William is the most popular 7 year old around, even if he does still go all silly around girlies!

My weekend has also consisted of getting drunk with some teacher friends, having my hair cut shorter than its been for quite some time, watching (and enjoying) 'Take Me Out' (a rather trashy, but fun, Saturday night dating gameshow), work, and spending more quality time with Stacey. In fact, I have even managed to get Stacey to do something with me that she always said she'd never try... We watched 'Dexter' together this weekend and she enjoyed it! About time!

I'm off to rest now after a tiring weekend to say the least and am starting a new OU course tomorrow (a new adventure begins, I guess).

Night world!

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