Friday, 6 May 2011

Can't Catch Tomorrow

...yeah the haircut's hot, but this has gotta stop. Good shoes won't save you this time!

This job hunt is really becoming a complete and total bitch! Not only do I have to contend with the fact that I am younger than many a job seeker out there, and therefore am lacking in experience, but now the excuses are becoming absurd and ridiculous. Earlier this week I went along for yet another interview - My 5th of the year for those of you keeping count - and although the interviewer for this company was rather hard read, a fact I had been alerted to prior, I still thought things had gone relatively well... and they had. I got the phone call from the recruitment agency that had sent me there the following day, and was told that yes, indeed I had interviewed splendidly. I had presented myself well, looking dapper in my best suit, had spoken eloquently and given all of the correct answers. Unfortunately I wasn't being offered the job. Of course my immediate response was 'Why?', and the recruitment agent was almost embarrassed to inform me that it was because the man that had interviewed me felt that I was 'too nice'. That's right, I didn't get the job because apparently I'm too pleasant a person. They felt I would have been 'eaten alive'. You're probably all wondering now just what was this job doing - Prison Warden? Parking Warden? Bouncer? - None of the above, this job was in payroll. Now, I can understand that they may get some pretty irate clients phoning them up about pay, but I had assured them that I had dealt with much worse on a regular basis in my retail career. I guess all I can do is look at this as a blessing in disguise, as surely something much better can come along than working for a company whose name is similar to Maxipad!
Maybe I'm becoming impatient with wanting my life to move along a little. It's all just so frustrating!
In more lighthearted news, we had another long weekend this past week. The Royal Wedding gave cause for celebration a week ago, and a street party broke out in my neighbourhood, and then of course the Americans finally caught Osama Bin Laden. Quite the historic weekend then. In my world, the highlight would probably be a BBQ with a couple of friends on the Monday. At work, with the imminent release of The King's Speech - which I just enjoyed even more upon second viewing last night - we received a Colin Firth cardboard standee at the store. The problem was, this standee is life size, and whenever any of us were busy behind the counter, we would have this constant uncomfortable feeling that somebody was watching us. That someone was Colin. It got the stage in which Colin was used as a tool in terror, and would forever find himself lurking behind doors in a bid to scare the hell out of whoever happened to walk that way next. Thanks to Jason setting him up right behind the door at the top of some stairs, I nearly fell down said stairs, and that was after being warned by Jason that he was in fact hiding there. To gain a measure of revenge, I hid Colin behind the door that leads to the upstairs area from the shop floor. My not-so-cunning plan backfired like it was one of Baldrick's, as Jason didn't need to go upstairs for a few hours, and I ended up needing to go up there before he did... and stupidly I may have forgotten about hiding Colin there. Needless to say I fell backwards and screamed as soon as I opened the door, much to the hilarity of customers in the vicinity. At the request of the boss, Colin was to be gone from the store, so knowing how much Stacey's Mum likes Colin Firth, I took him to Stacey's where the hijinks have continued, as he actually intimidates everyone, not just us scaredy-cats at work.
Anyway, the job hunt continues, but at least for now I know that I've essentially got my interview technique down, even if I'm not mean enough. I'll catch tomorrow eventually, but for now I can enjoy today. I finish my degree in a few weeks with the submission of my final assessment, so I've got that to look ahead to. With that said, I've got a book to finish reading...

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