Friday, 18 March 2011

I'm no Superman

I recently got back into the habit of watching Scrubs thanks to my good pal Andy lending the final two series on DVD. After about two years of non-regular viewing of the show, it's great to get back into it, as it feels new, fresh, and exciting all over again. It's just too bad that I'm already on the last disc of the final series. Where else will I turn to for hilarious moments like this?:

I've been meaning blog for a while now, what with it being a whole few weeks since my last, and rather morbidly depressing entry. The problem is that I've just been so busy between an Open University essay (Only 2 more to go at the time of writing), work, social events, other writing commitments, and what was the other thing... Oh yeah - SLEEP!

Last weekend, on Saturday night was an event of not so  epic proportions. 'WooliesBowl II - James's Revenge'. A year on from the last major gathering of what many may assume to be a dead and extinct breed - Woolworths Workers - I decided to organise another get-together. As we went bowling last year, and as I had gone into that all talk, and had wound up losing miserably, I decided to exact my vengeance. I trained hard using the Kinnect Bowling game, and as you just read, taglined the event as my revenge. This plan was fool proof, and I knew that I would walk home the Champion of WooliesBowl 2011... That was all until I lost. Badly.

Despite my losing efforts at bowling, it was great to see a lot of people. As it turns out Facebook is actually good for something, as I organised the event through the social networking device and we received a bigger turn out than I honestly expected. Success!

Look! I even produced a logo! How cool/sad am I?
 Other than bowling, work, writing, essaying, looking after an ill little sister, and... oh yeah SLEEP, I've also been busy this week in preparation for what I would call a job interview, only it wasn't. It was aptly described as an assessment day. I've previously written of my attempts to gain full time employment, with two previous interviews having led to nowhere, with one of them being a complete con which I was thankfully warned of before it was too late. This latest adventure into the land of salaries and suits was for a year's contract working with Digital UK as a representative to travel around retailers and to make sure the Digital Switchover switches over without a hitch. The 'assessment day' was today, and a presentation was to be produced beforehand to give on this day. I had already passed a phone interview to get through to this stage, and this morning we were told that of thousands of people that applied (as this job had been advertised in various national newspapers), we were the final 14. Yikes! I was by and far the youngest of the candidates, and I must admit it kind of showed. I was a little out of my element, and as a result, after the very nice lunch spread out for us, I was in the half of the group split off and told that our day was unfortunately over. I'm not exactly upset though; it was after all only a year's worth of employment, and there was a guy there whom I briefly befriended named Ernie. Ernie has a wife and kids to support and was made redundant in November, and luckily he was in the half kept on after lunch. He needed this more than me, so for him I'm glad. I was also a little surprised, though probably shouldn't have been, at how the job description, and more exactly, the hours to be worked in this job, had altered rather drastically from what I had originally been informed. Yeah, 60 hour weeks, I'm not so glum about being dropped after all. I'm proud to have made the final 14. Maybe that means I could make the final 12 in X-Factor... Hmm.

So alas, while it has proven o' so easy to revisit the past with the success of WooliesBowl II, it doesn't seem to be so easy to break forth into the future at the moment, as there are pretty much no jobs out there up for grabs. At least my present ain't so bad. I'm actually rather enjoying my current retail role at the moment, so there's no need to rush into something awful, stupid, or just plain boring yet. Speaking of the future, I find myself - or rather, the geeky side of myself - to be extremely excited for next week, for Nintendo are launching their new handheld console: The 3DS, which will allow for 3D visuals without the need for glasses. I've got mine pre-ordered thanks to Stacey finally caving in and allowing me to have an early birthday present*, and I really can't wait for next week. I might even find time to blog about it, if I can manage to drag myself away from kicking ass on Super Street Fighter IV.

*To get her to cave in was easy, I merely reminded her of an early Birthday present I'd bought her a couple of years back. She sulked, and accepted my victory!

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