Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day to you all, my faithful blog readers! Another new month is dawning already, so let us take a looksie back at the month that was March 2010.

It doesn't seem like it has already been a month since I wrote the blog looking back at the dark and cold days of January and February. Just like that first day of March, today is a gloriously suntastic day. March was a rather mixed bag of fun little treats, with a couple of sour tricks. I had two assignments for my Open University courses due in on the same day which was a tad harsh, but target met nevertheless. Funny enough I scored exactly 75% on both essays, which I guess shows my brain was working at three quarters of its capacity that week. One of those essays I must also add, was helped along by the ever great Pete Town, who has just this month recovered from having his appendix removed, I suggest that you read his fantastic blog here as soon as you've finished reading this! Stacey and I also took out little day trip to France in the highlight of my month, although that has already had a whole blog dedicated to it, so I'll leave that there.

As I've advertised Pete, I'd like to take this time to also showcase my other favourite blog in the whole wide world: Mr. Jon Budworth's

It was the week following the France trip, which we like to call 'Very Bad Trip' (there you are, an inside joke for you regular readers), that things took a slight change in fortune. On the Tuesday, just before leaving work, Stacey was told that her company had gone under and was made redundant once again with immediate effect. The following day I walked into the school that I work at to start working, when the head mistress pulled me aside and took me to her office. It was then that she told me that I too was being made redundant. Fortunately I have managed to gain a few more hours back at the wonderful Blockbuster, and those two days were the only negative ones throughout the whole of March.

March also saw the younger of my two brothers turn fifteen. I would have said how strange it is that my baby brother is that old already, but the truth is that he's been taller than me since he was twelve, and my little sister fills the baby sibling role just fine, so who cares!

The month ended in good fashion, as over the last few days I have enjoyed the company of many old friends that have come back down to Kent for Easter, I have watched Wrestlemania, which as usual was a stellar show and I wrapped up my paid employment at the school yesterday, receiving one or two gifts in the process. April has already began in the right way, as Stacey has just heard that she has another interview lined up (fingers crossed), I have just been on a nice little shopping spree after spotting a couple of bargains online, and there is more than ever to look forward to this month.

I'll leave you now with my Soundtrack to March 2010

Fozzy - Martyr No More
Audioslave - Be Yourself
Soundtrack of Our Lives - Transcendental Suicide
Alien Ant Farm - Flesh and Bone
Lady Gaga - Telephone
Kevin Rudolph - I Made It

Stay tuned!

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