Saturday, 13 March 2010

Very Bad Trip

As i write this I am extremely tired, but want to write with the day still fresh in my mind. For today, Stacey and I went to France. To begin I feel that I should explain the title of this blog, as our trip wasn't bad at all. While in the supermarket of Cite Europe we had ourselves a looksie at the DVDs and games. We found some of the translations rather odd, and some that hadn't been translated at all seemed like they should be, yet the best and one that we found to be the most completely bizarre translation was the film 'The Hangover', which had been translated into 'Very Bad Trip'. And I don't mean the french equivalent of 'very bad trip', it literally just had those three words, in English!

As for the rest of the trip, it was something different. We awoke at 6am, which on a Saturday was not something I had seen since I was 8 years old. We got ready and set off by 6:30am. The drive down to Dover was plain sailing and we boarded our ferry without anybody taking a single glance at our passports. We then queued for almost an hour on the ferry for breakfast, which was a very filling ten piece fried bonanza of a breaky!

Once we reached France (where still, nobody asked for our passports), Stacey drove with slight caution at being on the other side of the road for the first time, but held her own very well. We then found Cite Europe, a giant shopping centre, where we decided to spend some of the day buying items such as alcohol, cheese, clothes, and my favourite thing ever: Ice Tea!

Between many a can of Ice Tea, we also stopped for lunch at Flunch. Flunch was basically a place where you could purchase, and sit and eat various types of food that you would expect to have at lunchtime. I had a meat baguette which was nice enough and washed down with another ice tea. I enjoyed the Flunch experience overall and have come up with one or two slogans Flunch could use, including: Putting the 'F' in lunch! and Forget lunchtime, it's FLUNCHTIME!

I was also surprised to see so many damn English shops opened at Cite Europe. There was a New look, a Game, and even a Tesco. The Tesco was an alcohol only store, but the prices were more than the french supermarket at the other end of the centre. Obviously a ploy by Tesco, as they know many an Englishman goes to Calais for booze, and could well be drawn to a familiar brand such as Tesco.

We also spent a good chunk of the day driving around the area and saw ourselves a bit of Bologne. The day however went very quickly and we soon found ourselves heading back to the port in Calais ('Car Ferry' as the signs labelled it). Funny enough, heading from France to England, our passports were indeed checked! Heading back we had our dinner on the ferry.

Once in England, Stacey drove us the scenic route home to the relaxing sound of an argument over which was the better way to go.

It was a very good trip overall and we learnt many lessons, such as:
  • If you need to flee the UK, go to France as your passports aren't checked.
  • That the french for 'The Hangover' is 'Very Bad Trip'.
  • That there is no need for lunch when you can have a flunch!
My eyes are stinging rather a lot now, so I will be heading off again, this time to the land of nod!

Take care til the next blog :-)

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