Monday, 6 May 2013

An American Summary

Looks as if I've been pretty lazy when it comes to keeping a blog lately. Fact is that I've been keeping note of what's going on around me via pen and paper. We recently travelled to the USA - a fact that nobody who knows us escaped knowing about - and on that trip I carried a notepad that took the form of a journal.

We spent 3 nights New York City, followed by 2 full weeks in Orlando, Florida. I kept fully on top of my journal keeping in Orlando, jotting down a summary of each day's and each evening's anecdotes. I'm still to finish writing up what went down  New York as I quite frankly ran out of time in 'the city that never sleeps'. We filled our few days in Manhattan with probably as much as we got up to the whole two weeks in Orlando, as evidenced by the fact that we took as many photos in Manhattan as we did in Orlando. With seeing so much in so little time, we barely found time to sleep, let alone for me to get any writing done! My original plan had been to transfer the contents of the notebook onto this blog, however I hadn't anticipated the fact that I might actually fill almost the entire thing - both sides of the paper. Ain't no way I'm transcribing that whole thing when I'm not even done finishing it ('ain't no' - so there's still a chance, one day). If any of our friends or family ever to read the whole novel-length version of our holiday events, feel free to ask. Everyone else, here's a summary:

  • Don't step past the line unless told to. Otherwise you get told off.
  • Tam got upgraded to a suite overlooking Times Square while Stacey and I got upgraded to a handicapped room... it had a shower-room, so...
  • Fringe is Off The Hinge... whatever that means.
  • What I saw of Newsies on Broadway was excellent; jetlag is stupid.
  • They have Kim Kardashian's sex tape on pay-per-view in the Hilton.
  • The Muppets Took Manhattan... in the form of my socks.
  • In a single day we cycled around Central Park, reached Top of the Rock, rode the Subway, saw the Statue of Liberty, felt the impact of 9/11 in both the museum and at the very touching and tasteful memorial fountains, and made like King Kong by climbing the Empire State Building.
  • The NBC Studio Store has Chuck merchandise. Yes, I bought a Captain Awesome t-shirt.
  • Nintendo World was a disappointment.
  • Heartland Breweries!
  • Wrestlemania at Metlife Stadium was incredible to experience... New Jersey Transit was not. Thank goodness for good company in Team Passey/Major and the dodgy bus that took us back to the city  for an undisclosed fee that would be the best fifteen bucks each of us ever spent.
  • New York taxi drivers are awesome!
  • One of the first things we saw in Orlando was a proper sons-of-anarchy type biker riding down the road and rockin' out to 'Girls just wanna have fun'.
  • Macaroni cheese... on a pizza.
  • Walt Disney World is 48 square miles and runs the third largest bus company in the whole of the US... so yeah, it's pretty big.
  • There are also awesome taxi drivers in Orlando; they just happen to be from New York.
  • Overall I'd say that Universal Studios is better than Islands of Adventure, but Islands of Adventure has Harry Potter World and Marvel so if I had to choose my favourite park, I'd count the whole Universal area as one.
  • We went to Busch Gardens and fed giraffes and it was awesome!
  • IHOP does a pretty good breakfast, Denny's meh.
  • I won a shot by guessing that a quote was from Tropic Thunder in Senor Frog's
  • A Rogue Dead Guy tastes amazing - one of the best ales I've ever had, served at Miller's Ale House where they even had a whole Vegetarian Menu to make Stacey's day!
  • A slice of NBA City's Three-Point Carrot Cake defeated me.
  • We still had to go shopping, but it was kinda worth it for the Batman Converse.
  • Going home sucks, especially when you find yourself on a night flight with screaming brats.

I could summarise further by just saying that we ate in the world's largest Appleby's, the world's largest Hard Rock Cafe, the world's largest Planet Hollywood, the world's largest Rainforest Cafe and the world's largest 'entertainment McDonald's'. Oh and Bubba Gumps which I'm so happy to know is a real thing in the world.

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