Thursday, 30 August 2012

A lovely rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny day.

Two blogs in as many days? Blimey! - Having just spent a great day exploring the great outdoors I wanted to share some of it with the world. Stacey and I spent the Thursday of our week off with John and Nick as we headed off to Bedgebury forest and pinetum, stopping off for a Frankie and Benny's breakfast on the way (apart from Stacey who forgot the plan and got up and ate some cereal immediately - she still had some toast at F&B's... greedy-guts)!

I'd also like to mention that the title of this blog is plagiarised from John's Facebook status. It was indeed another schizophrenic day weather-wise as we were drenched in glorious sunshine one moment, only to be simply drenched the next. The back and forth weather only added to the day though, as it meant that we got to experience a bigger variety of sights and sounds.

We kick started our time there with some ice creams (thanks Nick!) and a wander around the lake where we made some new friends...

Nick, John and Stacey with our new friend, named Pingu

I mentioned in yesterday's entry about how I'd bought both flip-flops and wellies in the same day. Well the wellies accompanied me today, however for some reason (*cough*Nick*cough*) we all decided to leave our wellies in the car. This proved to be a slight mistake when we opted off of the proper course and wound up walking along a mud-road. Squelch!

We then got to see what 'Going Ape' would entail and Stacey did mention that she's even more against the idea of trying out the tree-top adventure having seen how high up you are when you do it. A few minutes later, she did admit that she did also want to conquer it... who knows, maybe one day I'll get to have a go. I sure got the chance to warm up for it today...

Flattering photos courtesy of 'BiroBoy' John Tresadern
Another highlight of the day was finding a real-life Glory Hole. Seriously, nature's full of all sorts...

Nature's Glory Hole - There's even a pleasant welcome sign...
All in all it was a great day well spent. It's easy to forget that there are some really beautiful scenes right near to where I live. We now aim to go back every season to see how it looks there as the climate changes; not that I see there being much of a change in the Autumn as at times it didn't exactly feel very summery.

Until next time, here's a few more of my photos:

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