Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamonds Are Forever

With the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee we've all been granted an extra long bank-holiday weekend. God Save Her!

This past Friday night was one for celebration as everyone with a Monday to Friday job was super-excited about the four days in a row off that we had ahead of us. After finishing work, a few of the work lot were out for some drinks in the Wells - and all the drinks were paid for by the company. Suffice to say it was an excellent way to bid farewell to the colleagues for a double-length weekend.

I got drunk, but not as drunk as I had on a similar night back in December when I first met my colleagues - that night I'd not known when to say no and had finished my night at home with my head in the toilet bowl. This time I even managed to navigate my way home on the train.

It's Still Real to Them

On Saturday night a group of us went to a wrestling show at a small local venue. Needless to say the phrase 'cheap n cheerful' sums it up. We had seats in the front row and the place was actually packed out with nearly everyone there to have a good time and quite a few families there to take in some great family entertainment. Now, in the last sentence you may have noticed that I used the term nearly everyone as opposed to everyone, this is because of the family that sat themselves down directly behind us. I've never seen the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding before, but I imagine that if I tuned in, I'd likely see that family. They were awful, vile and... to be fair they were passionate. The problem was that they seemed to think it was real and as such used the two brain cells that the six or seven of them had between them to shout some disgusting and at times not-well-thought-out chants and insults at the wrestlers. After just the first match the ring announcer had to plea that although it was good that there was noise being made, that it be kept clean. Other chav-highlights included them telling an Australian wrestler to get out of our country, to which the Aussie replied stating that he couldn't wait; calling a wrestler a chicken for reaching the ropes to break a submission to which the wrestlers both stopped so that he could shout back to them that 'It's the rules... Spastic!'; and one wrestler actually leaning over our row to push one of them over and back into his seat to a big cheer. 

I would be lying if I said that the gypos weren't at all entertaining in their own way, I just wish that they could learn to say it and not spray it. When we left, all of us felt as if we'd had a saliva shower. Thankfully it was raining as we made our exit, so we let the rain wash our hair of some of the spit that we'd all felt land on our heads during the show.

At this time I'd also like to mention that the wrestling itself was at times pretty entertaining and for the small price of admission was definitely worth it. One particular accidental highlight was during the main event when one wrestler asked someone at the end of one of the front rows (not ours) to stand so that he could grab the chair to use. It wasn't apparent that the chairs were all connected, so when the brute attempted to wield the chair, he caused the whole row of people to go flying from their seats!  He didn't stop there, as determined to use this chair, he kept tugging on it until the whole row had been pulled halfway around the ring. He eventually gave up after it looked like he'd completely broken it. 

Oh, and there was a big fat guy there and his name was 'Hugh Mungus' - you just can't make this stuff up... well actually I guess you can, but still it was funny!


Stacey and myself had a pretty busy yesterday (Sunday). We began with lunch - after a lazy morning, which I guess means we didn't have a busy day so much as a busy afternoon/evening. Sorry I lied - at  my parents' house. We then took the sister to Wear 'em Out where I probably had more fun as I signed a disclaimer so that I could go down the drop-slide. It was mega-fun.
We then moved on to a Jubilee party hosted at the Fenner household. The place was very overcrowded.... with food. There were a lot of people there too and we carried on watching the Queen ride her boat down a polluted river in the rain - very British!

Following the Fenner's we moved on to a fortieth birthday - Happy Birthday to Nigel if he's reading - which was James Bond themed; an idea that Stacey and I plan to rip-off one day. It was brilliant as there were Blackjack and Roulette tables where you could gamble away your fake $100 given upon arrival. The music was all Bond-related for the first hour or so and all night long there were clips of different Bond movies playing on a big screen above the DJ. For a Bond fan such as myself, it was completely awesome. It was also pretty amusing at one point to see a load of women on dancefloor and then to turn around and see a group of men with their mouths open and eyes transfixed to the screen watching car chases, gunfights and explosions.

Winter Already?

Today (Monday), Stacey and I went off to see my second cousin Phil and his family. We caught up for the first time this year at their house for a bit, then went off to watch some fireworks in the village of Matfield. We got to the green where the display was taking place and soon found that we had a three to four hour wait for the fireworks with no other entertainment in the meantime. Rather than stand in an unseasonably cold (for June) field, we decided to head off and grab a meal at Frankie and Benny's. Phil, who had been working, met us there. When finished, we went back over to the firework display which was a pretty good spectacle for a freebie, even if there was nothing else to do in the field.  With it being so cold for this time of year though, watching fireworks just made it feel even less like Summer and more like it could be Autumn. After the lovely weather we had a week ago giving us a taste of summer, I'm really hoping that Summer hasn't completely passed us by already. Here's hoping for some more good weather before the leaves turn orange and brown. 

I feel like I could keep on typing away here, but it's already gone 1am... I should probably get to bed to make the most of the last day of this big weekend. Night all!

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