Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Lost Paragraph - thinner.

Two blogs back, in my entry entitled Blank Canvass, after the subheading The Path at the End of the Clearing, a rogue word stood all alone except for the company being provided to it by an attached full stop. The word was out of place, a misfit that didn't belong. It destroyed the aesthetics of my well formatted piece, and shattered the flow. The word in question was: thinner. 

The 'thinner' was even in itallics just like above, and was most likely due to the fact that the canvas for writing in on this site sometimes doesn't like itallics and non-itallics used in the same paragraph. As a result, there was in fact a paragraph missing. Thinner wasn't a rogue word at all, but more a survivor, with the rest of its family condemned to some dark, dank depths of cyberspace; lost forever. I've therefore decided to attempt to recreate that paragraph, although admittedly these things never come out reading as well a second time. I take the Stephen King approach to writing in that I feel it flows best when you let it just spill out onto the page, without planning ahead so much. The lost paragraph actually concerned Stephen King oddly enough (aren't I just great at leading you into something?), as it was about how I had finished his Dark Tower series after 4 years.

The Lost Paragraph... at the end of the clearing.

I did it! After four long years, I finally reached Stephen King's Dark Tower. I took my time and paced myself with the seven books, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the journey. It's amazing to think of just how far I've come in my own life since I started the quest to find that tower with Roland and the cast of characters that he encountered along the way. Without trying to give away any spoilers - as I fully recommend that all of you out there read these fantastic books - I'll say that the ending was tremendous and indeed for lack of a better term: very clever. In fact King gives you a choice. You can reach the tower after seven long novels and leave it at that, or you can choose to carry on past the author's note and discover what lies behind that door if you're that selfish kind of person. I left it at the front door, content with the adventure that's always more fun that the reward... for all of 9 hours while at work (I'm a weaker man than my good buddy John Tresadern who wasn't pulled back for four or five months apparently). I then read on, entering the tower and being awestruck by the ending that only seemed so obvious, yet was extremely unpredictable at the exact same time. It was the author's note that I found most intriguing though, as Stephen King advised the reader to leave the story at the door and to not press on any further, as life never ends in one place, life just goes on. He's right and it's something I'm still learning myself. I had two goals for this year that I set myself last winter and I've attained both of those now and guess what? There was no fade to black and no end credits. I had my new full time job, and had moved out with Stacey and here we are... carrying on. 

Carrying On

Well, that was something like what the missing paragraph was originally. Only the original, lost paragraph ended with thinner, so I guess it might not have been anything like that afterall. The word thinner would have been used to describe time, as time is speeding past at a rapid rate at the moment, and feels thinner, which is a reference to the Dark Tower, as time is described as feeling often thinner in the Gunslinger's world. 
While I'm here in blog mode though, I will quickly discuss the nostalgia that I felt yesterday as Stacey and me took the young sister of mine out for the day and essentially stepped back into the childhood (for Stacey and me, non-existence would  be more apt for my sister) days of the 90s. We took my sister out for her first ever Burger King, and her kid's meal came with a Simpsons toy (the alien, I believe he was called Kang, but haven't visited the Treehouse of Horror in a while so can't remember off the top of my head). Following this, we went to the cinema to see The Lion King which is seeing a brief rerelease at the cinema. I still love that film today in my adult years, and it was great to introduce it to my sister who'd never seen it before on the big screen. Then, after the film, we headed to my favourite place of Autumn/Winter to get me feeling that early Christmas spirit: Notcutts garden centre. It was a risky call deciding to head there as there might not have been any Christmas stuff out yet, in which case it would have been just a boring garden centre, but our fears were soon put to rest when we saw this sign:

Nothing gets me pumped up and excited for Christmas than the Christmas shop at Notcutts, as I visited Santa there and chose tree decorations every year as a kid! I even walked out on this particular visit with a bottle of Advent Ale - thanks Stacey.

Anywho, I'm going to leave this blog here for now, as a dinner is needed and Stacey's in Strictly-viewing mode! And on we carry on, because time's moving along, and growing thinner.

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