Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Have a Nice Day!'

In my head I'm telling myself that this will be a short entry, but then I know full well these days that when I sit down here and start tap-tap-tapping away at these keys in front of me that I can end up going on and on and on. So I guess we'll see.

This entry's title could be referring to the fact that I'm at the tail end of what has been an extremely pleasant Sunday off. A much needed Sunday off, after feeling half dead at work on Saturday, following which I participated in a round of Pub Golf. Thankfully I woke up this morning right as rain, with only a dry mouth to contend with, oh, and the realisation that an hour has been stolen from me... Damn daylight savings! I spent my pleasant Sunday watching movies - Megamind and Unstoppable - and going for a lovely stroll around the currently under renovation park in my town. There's some pretty cool stuff happening in my town it turns out, and to steal a line from my boss, and friend Sarah: 'It is becoming the new Miami Beach... sort of'.

Alas no, this blog title is not to do with that. It is in fact the title of the first book written by Mick Foley. I mentioned in my last blog entry that I'd read and enjoyed Mr. Foley's latest book Countdown to Lockdown. I also happened to mention my enjoyment of the book on Twitter. Well, Mick Foley actually read my tweet, and better yet he sent me a response in the form of a private message on Twitter.

That's right, he sent me a thank you message. It may have only been two words and an exclamation mark, but still, that's more than I'd have expected. Especially since what I expected was nothing at all. I think that was really cool of Mick, and I can tell you that it made my day even brighter to read that message. Those twelve characters that Foley directed to me brought a smile to my face. Thank you Mick!

That day (Friday) had already been a pretty good one. I'd enjoyed my day at work - what's wrong with me? - and took home my shiny new 3DS. I can happily report to all of you out there reading this in Internetland that Nintendo's new handheld gizmo is indeed the real deal. The glasses-free 3D actually works a treat, and is well worth the cash considering the tech you get for your buck! I got a little nerdy during my Friday evening, as I spent some of the night playing Street Fighter in 3D over the internet against my friends Jemma and Chris who also bought 3DSs and copies of Street Fighter for themselves. I won some, and I lost some, but the important thing was, I had fun! Not that I needed Street Fighter mind, as the console also comes loaded with some pretty wacky, crazy, and fun-filled games preinstalled. Face Raiders is one of the most insane things I've ever seen, and automatically became one of my favourite games ever out of pure uniqueness. It all has to be seen - or rather played - to be believed!

In between all the 3D mayhem and messages from legends, Friday was also my brother Ben's 16th birthday, so I guess I'd better mention that, and reiterate a Happy Birthday to him.... OK I think that's enough on that topic.

Just Kidding! Hope you had a great time bruv!

I think I'll wrap things up now for this entry into James World by briefly mentioning that I had a pretty cool idea on Friday, an idea that given time, patience, perseverance, and some hard work is one that I feel could be rather rewarding. Only time will tell though....

Oh, and one last thing (I promise), after discussing 30 Seconds to Mars in my last entry, immediately after posting the blog, I saw their latest video for Hurricane. It is a 15 minute long video, just like Michael Jackson's Thriller was. Even more proof that they can be the next big thing, although the video is rather risque... Give it a watch on Youtube, see the bizarreness for yourself.

I'm outta here!

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