Monday, 25 October 2010

A Positively Bashful Month

Good day all, I hope that October has found you all well. I can't quite believe that the month is nearly behind us already, and that in one week's time we'll be the final sixth of 2010.

This month has been a bit of a funny one, in the sense meaning it's been pretty darn odd! At the beginning of October, many of my close friends once more waved me goodbye as the drifted back to their random corners of the nation to study... and more likely drink the time away until they all return at Christmas. Only kidding, slightly.

On the 14th I myself had something to study for, as I sat my last ever (hopefully) exam. It was in Film and Television History, a course which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and one that I am hoping to receive a good grade for. I don't find out the result until December though, so for now, only time will tell.

With that course out of the way, I have been making some headway with my next, and final, OU course Children's Literature. The first assignment for this is due in by midday on Thursday, so I really should be cracking on with it, although the need to write this blog has kind of taken over for the minute.

Speaking of writing, the writing bug has really hit me this year, as not only do I produce for you this fine blog, but I have been hired by to write a weekly column for their wrestling section. The column was an idea that I had to find at least three positive things to say about WWE Monday Night Raw each week. For those of you not in the know, Raw is the world's biggest weekly wrestling show, and because of that, comes under the most criticism each week by commentators on the net. I've therefore made it my mission to help rid the world of some of this (mostly undeserved) negativity. If you're at all interested, the first ever edition of my column Positively Raw can be found here.
 I've been enjoying my week long tenure with 411mania very much, but alas it's unpaid and only something I do for fun because I enjoy both wrestling and writing, which all means that I still have to do proper work for money. As far as work is going at the moment, I can't complain at all. I'm enjoying myself at the store, and getting on with it rather nicely. It's been all change this month though, as two long-serving members of staff have moved on to better and brighter positions at other branches, which has allowed room some new - but familiar to me - faces. Our video-rental store is now inhabited by two of my former Woolworths colleagues in the brilliant Stacey, and my old partner in crime Tom. We're considering changing the name of our branch to WoolBusters!

This month has also been one of pain - in a physical manner - for many that I know unfortunately. Firstly one of my brothers was attacked by a fellow schoolboy on his way home one Friday, leaving him black-eyed. He reckons he got a few good punches in himself though, so more power to him. My good friend Chris was then in what sounds like a terrifying accident on the M25. Another car swerved across towards him while driving along Britain's most dangerous road. Luckily he was OK, even if his poor car wasn't. And to round things off, Stacey's brother celebrated his 18th birthday this past weekend. Rather than end his night in a nightclub though, he cracked his head open and spent the final minutes of his momentous coming of age in a hospital bed. Again, luckily he seems to have survived.

It also seems relevant to mention that I survived unscathed after a trip to Crystal Palace, watching the football team face off against Millwall. Those classy Millwall fans proved once again just how charming they are by throwing a smoke-bomb onto the pitch during a minute long round of applause in memorial of a former player, Malcolm Allison, who had died that week.

The month isn't quite over though. In two days I'll be taking Stacey out to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the date that I first asked her out. Funny enough it's also the anniversary of the first time that I threw up from too much alcohol consumption. Then on Friday it's my Dad's birthday, meaning that he'll be even more of an old man. And finally, Sunday, the last day of the month, is Halloween, which means that I will be watching my favourite film The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time this year. I may even have to writes something down about it to post on here.

For now, I've got to get ready for work, so until next time, stay tuned.

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