Monday, 2 August 2010

Time of the month - July

That's right it's that time of the month once again... The time when I like to briefly recap the month that has just passed me by. July seems to have just disappeared! It went so quickly, as has the majority of this year already. A lot of fun was had though, and in one way I made some progress with my life.

We'll start with Saturday 10th July, which was probably the most fun I had this month. With a group of five of my friends, I travelled by train to Brighton. When we left home in the morning it was a bright and sunny day, although when we got down to the coast we were met with a grey foggy day. This thankfully cleared and didn't have a negative impact on the day. In Brighton we went on some of the rides, including the Waltzers, on the pier, sat on the beach, and had some drinks. I myself enjoyed my first alcoholic beverage since passing out to the stuff at my birthday bash two weeks earlier, which was a big step for me. The highlight of the day came towards the end, as we were walking along the beach and stumbled across the Red Bull X-Fighters showing off a demonstration of the stunts that they perform in a bid to advertise the fact that you can purchase tickets to see them. It was great to see these guys performing death-defying stunts, although now that I've seen it for free, I don't see the need to pay to see them again, so in a way I guess it backfired on them.

Another highlight of the month was the birthday night out for Pete. After not being impressed at how unorganised others had been recently over their own birthday nights out, Pete wanted to organise something great... Spoons and SOS it was then! Personally, I had a great night, as I'm of the opinion that a great night can be had anywhere, as the only determining factor in a whether a night is great or not is down to the people that you're with and how great you all make it.

July also saw the beginning of the school summer holidays, with which I decided to end my tenure with the local primary school with which I've been associated for the last 18 months. I volunteered there once a week to gain experience and to discover what life working in a school is like. For six months of my time there I was even employed. I chose to leave as I felt that the summer holidays were a good time to disappear, and because over the next year I want to be able to work more days in the week to earn money. I also feel that I've given more than my fair share of time there. I will miss parts of the place, but just felt it time to move along.

Movie-Mania hit me this month! July is the best month of the year for Summer Blockbusters every year, and 2010 proved no exception to the rule. I attended the cinema four times this month and thoroughly enjoyed each of the films that I watched, all four of which I believe will make my top 10 films of the year list in December. The first movie that I saw at the cinema this month was Shrek Forever After the fourth and final film in the Shrek series. I've been a big fan of Shrek, having loved the first 2 in the series as well as the Christmas themed short film Shrek the Halls. Although I will admit to being slightly disappointed by the third installment, I did to an extent enjoy it, but did hope that the fourth film could pick it back up again. I'm happy to say that I have as much love for the fourth Shrek as I do the first two. The story was well written, and much darker than its predecessors. Toy Story 3 was the next film that I went to see, and I will once again state that it was AMAZING, but I've already dedicated a whole blog to it so will move along to discuss Inception. Leonardo DiCaprio's newest film by Christopher Nolan concerns travelling into dreams, and dreams within dreams and utilises the device of time difference between dreams and reality to perfection. I found it a little hard to get into at first, but once the film got going, it was edge of your seat cinematography, with an ending that caused the sold-out audience to gasp. The last film that I went to the pictures to see was the brand new A-Team movie! This reboot of the highly popular action series from the 1980s was fantastic, and in my own opinion better than the slightly dated series of old. It was a CGI filled no-nonsense action flick which after having paid close attention during Inception, was a welcome change of pace.

To end the blog, I'll discuss the closing moment of the month for me. They were spent in a club in Maidstone, Strawberry Moons, for Sam's birthday. We had a great night out in the club that I'd never before been to, but actually quite liked due to the inoffensive (to my ears) music and not too expensive drinks. What made the night even better was the fact that there was a burger bar across the road open at 2am. A quarter-pounder with onions is always a welcome addition to my belly at that time of the morning!

Until next time... Stay Tuned!

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