Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Apparently there's some sort of tennis tournament happening...

Wimbledon is once again upon us, not that you'd know it though, as the entire country would rather watch a bunch of overpaid supposed 'athletes' run around in mostly failed attempts to kick a ball into a net. Now I may not be the biggest tennis fan in the world, I don't even really watch it at all, but I do appreciate it and can actually say that I once went to Wimbledon when I was in Year 4 at school. This evening saw tennis history made as USA's John Isner and France's Nicolas Mahut reached the tenth hour of their match on Court 18. In fact the match is still tied at 59 games each in the fifth and final set, and will continue into the third day tomorrow. I sat and watched the last hour of this and found it to be gripping, much more so than the England vs Slovenia football match that I sat through earlier this afternoon.

My Dad and two brothers are literally obsessed with football, so watching the World Cup is a no-brainer for them. But then my Mum and also Stacey seem to be under the impression that when England play it is 'essential viewing'. Stacey has even admitted to 'jumping on the bandwagon'. Why be so hypocritical though, why feel that those eleven 'men' on a field represent our country when they're only playing a bloody game? Why feel that you have to watch a sport that you find boring for the majority of each four year period?

The first two matches of England's World Cup campaign ended in draws and were said by all to be extremely boring games (I didn't really spot the difference). Today in their third and final, make or break group game England managed to just about squeeze out a shallow victory against Slovenia by winning 1-0. The country is now celebrating as if they have won the whole tournament and describing the win as being 'fantastic' and saying that the match was much more entertaining. The match was only more entertaining for the one second that somebody actually scored though, for the other 89 minutes it was exactly the same as the previous two matches with the players that apparently 'represent us all' looking overrated and overpaid as usual.

Basically what I guess I'm trying to say here is that I'd take a 10 hour excellant game of tennis between two real sportsman over a 90 minute game of football featuring overpaid whiny little bitches (see Rooney, W.) anyday! Rant over!

I wonder how many people will now call me unpatriotic...

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