Monday, 3 May 2010

Mayday! May day! It's been already?

Well this year certainly seems to be flying past. It is already May and as a result, April 2010 is now confined to being a part of history, much like March before it.

April was a pretty darn good month in my world! The highlight was most certainly the weekend that came halfway through the month, although I have already gone on and on and on about that in my last blog, so I'll stop blabbing on about it now by simply reinstating the fact that it truly was an awesome time. Nothing else of particular note happened in April, I simply just enjoyed life. I was introduced to was is most likely the girliest television show that I actually like in Glee (much love for Sue Sylvester), I finished reading Stephen King's latest epic Under the Dome (my new favourite novel), and read another pretty good thriller in Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island (The last page had me screaming in despair and I now await the arrival of the film on DVD). We also saw some good weather which brought with it the occasion to hold a couple of barbecues (the amount of meat that you can get for £5 in Iceland is amazing) and thanks to Jon Budworth's latest blog, which was by the way all over my face as it always is, I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on my DS once again. I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it, so thanks for your inspirational blogs Jon ;-) While on the topic of 'Zelda games' I am going to take this time to let the world know that Stacey is now a Zelda fan, as she is currently addicted to Spirit Tracks prequel Phantom Hourglass.

April ended in splendid fashion as Stacey became employed once again (congratulations once again sweety). As a result of these developments we went to see Iron Man 2 that night, a wicked action film that I loved from start to finish (the finish being the hidden scene after the end credits).

May is now upon us and is off to a flying start in its bid prove that it can improve upon April's success. Saturday, or May Day, was nothing special as I spent much of the day lounging around, only to have to go into work on Saturday night. Work was followed by a very brief drink, which ended the 'pinch-punch day' for May. Sunday was a day off and included a roast dinner cooked by Stacey's Grandma, a viewing of Toy Story and then a catch-up with some of my best friends. And here I find myself, sitting here on the 3rd May, which also happens to be the 3rd and final day of this bank holiday weekend. I'm pretty tired right now as Stacey and I spent today walking around London. More specifically around the Natural History Museum and along The Mall to see Buckingham Palace.

I'm very excited for the remaining 28 days of May, especially Saturday 15th, the date I get to see one of my favourite bands in the whole wide world Fozzy. I'm also planning to cycle a lot more after restoring an old bike in the last week of April and having once already attempted to cycle the 7 miles from my house to Stacey's.

Until next time, let me leave you with my incredibly lazy soundtrack to April 2010. All 2 tracks of it:

Fozzy - Broken Soul (I promise you that this one is not too heavy Pete)
Nickelback - Burn it to the Ground

Stay tuned! (Apologies for the overuse of brackets).

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